Schedule and Tuition

NOW ENROLLING FOR 2019-2020! Classes start Tuesday, September 3. Enroll and pay in full by August 10th and receive $40 off !     

New students, click below to register in a class (or here). Current (or former) students, please enroll through your account in the PortalStudents who took Summer 2019 classes or camp through the summer session also enjoy no enrollment fee for the 2019-2020 season. 

2019-2020 Schedule:







2018-19 FEES

Annual Enrollment* Fees:

$35 for one student
$55 for two students
$75 for three or more students

*Enrollment fees are non-refundable. 2018-19 students who maintain enrollment through the summer between regular seasons enjoy no enrollment fee for the next season. (Tuition must be paid timely or offer is void.)

Monthly tuition as set out on the fee schedule is calculated first by the number of hours a single student takes, then by the number of hours in a family.  For example, if a family has two students and one of them is taking a single one-hour class and the other is taking two one-hour classes, the first student's fixed fee is $60, and the second student's fixed fee is $90, making the total family fixed fee $150. Once a family's total number of hours reaches 5 hours, they qualify for family pricing discounts as set out on the fee schedule.

Per Student Tuition:

1 hour - $60
2 hours - $90
3 hours - $125
4 hours - $150
5+ hours - $185

Per Family Tuition:

5 hours - $205
6 hours - $230
7 hours - $250
8+ hours - $275

  • "Five By Five" special offer: Pay by the 5th of the month for a $5 discount each month (discount applies only to Per Student and Per Family Tuition, limit one 5x5 per month per family). Five By Five discount not applicable when enrollment incentive discounts and/or prorates are applied.

  • Pre-pay for the semester for a 10% discount, pre-pay for the season for a 15% discount! (Prepay discount only eligible during the regular sessions, summer not included.)

Adult AND OPEN Classes:

Adult tuition is $60 for unlimited (adult/open) classes for the summer session. Adult enrollment is not included in family pricing set out above nor is it eligible for regular discounts. No enrollment fee for adult students.


Minimum of four students needed to start a session. Enrollment fee applies effective 2016.


Private lessons are available for recreational dance, tumbling, voice, guitar, piano, bass. Sessions are in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions and can be individual or semi-private (limit 2 students per recreational semi-private). Private and semi-private pricing is dependent on type of private and number of students. Enroll online or in the studio, specific day/time will be scheduled personally. Private lessons are not included in Individual/Family hourly pricing as set out above. Five By Five discount does not apply to private lessons.  *Recreational private lesson students do participate in recital and enrollment fees apply. If more than one student in a household is scheduled for weekly recreational private lessons, they are eligible for a $20/month discount (Rec Multi Student Discount) on those recreational private lessons. Rec Multi Student Discount not applicable for semi-private lessons.* Bi-weekly Recreational Privates are not available.

30 minutes private - starting at $25/lesson
45 minutes private - starting at $35/lesson
60 minutes private - starting at $45/lesson