The Parent/Member Portal is an important tool for both families and Soul II Sole staff. This tutorial will walk you through various features and serve as a step-by-step “How-To” for families. Every family enrolled in our system has access.  The images from the Portal featured in this tutorial are from a sample account. If you are unfamiliar with the features of the Portal, please take a moment to review this tutorial – it should answer most, if not all, of your questions. Watch the images for a red dot to ensure you understand each step.

A screen similar to this will appear. If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address (the one associated with your account, the same one to which you receive emails from S2S), and click “Forgot your password or need to get started?” Then check your email for the password information, and begin again. Enter your email address and password, and click “Sign In”. It is recommended that you bookmark the log-in page when you get to it the first time, so you never have trouble finding it again.

log in screen.jpg

You should be signed into your Portal account when you see a screen similar to this. If we have entered a personal message to you, it will pop up here. Otherwise, you will see the main screen (NEWS image below).

personal message.jpg
main screen.jpg

S2S utilizes the Note field in Fees & Payments quite often. When a tuition fee is posted, you should see a note indicating this fee may be less if paid by the fifth of the month – this is our Five By Five discount. Due dates for costume deposits, recital fees, etc. are also noted in this space beside the associated fee. The Five By Five discount is applied only after a payment is made by the fifth – this note is changed to reflect when that is done.  (Customers who have signed up for auto-pay see “5x5” in the note of the fee as the discount is automatically applied when tuition fees are posted.) 


·         The default amount shown is the amount currently appearing due on your account. You CAN EDIT this amount prior to submitting a payment AND you can select which fees your payment is applied to (default is oldest fees first)**. We enable this feature so you have control over the fees you choose to pay whenever it is convenient for you. (Example, some people want to pay ahead half of the month. You can do this even if your account balance is zero.) If you are paying tuition by the fifth of the month, you can reduce that default payment amount by $5. We will make sure your account is corrected when we review your payment. **If any fees are past due, all payments will be applied to the oldest fees first regardless of what fees you select.

·         If you need to change the default payment method that shows in the box, you need to go back to the My Account tab and edit that information.

·         Simply entering your payment method information and saving it DOES NOT SUBMIT A PAYMENT. When a payment is successfully submitted, you will receive an auto-generated email confirming it. When a payment transaction is declined, you should also receive an email indicating that. If you don't get an email receipt, it is likely your payment did not go through properly.




S2S keeps attendance for our information as well as yours. From this tab, you can view when your child has been marked absent.


Once a class is selected, a pop-up box should appear, which includes a description of the class selected. You select the student you wish to enroll, enter any comments if needed, and click Enroll. You will receive an auto-generated email when you successfully enroll a student, and you will also receive a personalized email confirming your student’s enrollment when we have reviewed it. NOTE: Customers do not have the ability to transfer nor drop classes via the Portal - please contact us if that is what you need to do.






From this drop-down, when you select, “Contact Staff/Send Email”, “Drop Student Request”, or “General Inquiry”, a form pops up allowing you to send a message to Miss Kim.


It’s not Jackrabbit!!  Most issues of being unable to login to the Parent Portal have everything to do with your Browser. First, try another browser (Chrome works best).

  • To use our portal, browser settings need to allow COOKIES for the sites you visit. Also, your browser needs to allow POP-UPS. Additionally, some folks need to clear out their cache/cookies in the browser history.
  • Safari, MS Edge, Internet Explorer recently did updates to their browsers and pushed the update to the end users. In doing so, they wiped out cookies,  and other settings.  


  • Clear out your CACHE and your COOKIES from your browser! The link is good on our website but your browser history needs to be cleaned out to have it work again.
  • This clearing out of Cache and Cookies is necessary on each device you have. Might work on one device in this browser but not on another device and this browser.


  • Clear out your CACHE and your COOKIES from your browser! It most likely doesn’t work anymore due to browser updates that have happened recently Best thing to do is to go to the organization’s main website and click the Parent Portal link directly from there.


  • Anytime you need a new password, you can click the link from your login page to get a password. Simply click, “Forgot your password or need to get started?”.  A new password will be sent to the email address you have listed for your contact information with the organization.

If you have any unanswered questions or something doesn't work as it should, please let us know!