Some classes have minimum ages listed. Does my child have to be that minimum age?
For Bitty classes, students must be 2 by the first day of class. Other classes, a single year exception may be made on a case-by-case basis if the student has the required skills for the class.

The class my child wants to take does not fit our schedule. Can he/she move to a higher level of the same class?
In short, no. Level classes are based on skills, and allowing a lower level student into a class they are not ready for diminishes the learning experience for the other students in the class as well as creates safety issues for your student. Private lessons are available if your child would like to improve their skills.

How do I enroll my student?

There are several ways to enroll. You can download or complete an enrollment form in the studio. Even easier, since you're already on the website, new students can start the enrollment process by either clicking the New Student Enrollment (easy button in the menu - upper right corner) or by clicking "Register" on the Schedule (left of the class you wish to enroll in). Current or previously enrolled students already in our system use the Parent Portal (another easy button in the menu - upper right corner); if you haven't ever used the Parent Portal but your student is in our system, click "Forgot your password or need to get started" once you get to the log in page.

How do I pay for classes?
Payments may be made in the studio via cash, check or Visa/MC. Secure online payments may be made through the Parent Portal. (Check out our unique S2S Parent Portal Visual Tutorial!) You can also sign up for automatic payments; your signature must be on file, you can choose which types of fees are automatically drafted, and you will receive an email each time your account is paid.

Is there a dress code?
Ballet classes require black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair secured in a bun, and black dance skirt or dance shorts are optional. Tap requires tap shoes (see instructor for recommendations). For safety and observation purposes in aerial, acro and tumbling classes, students should wear form-fitting clothing and no jewelry. Long hair should be secured in a ponytail in all dance classes except as otherwise addressed. Dress Code and Student Policies are listed in the Welcome Packet.

Does my hair really have to be in a bun for ballet?
Unless you have a very short hairstyle, YES.

Can I help with a younger class?
While we appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to help, student assistant positions are filled each year by selection rather than by request.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes!* We want your student to take as many classes as possible so we offer several ways to save. Our pricing structure is designed to discount individual students taking multiple classes - the more classes taken, the lower the price per class. We also offer a family discount for families with students enrolled in a total of 5 or more hours. Pre-payment of the entire season gets you a 15% discount on classes. We also offer the "Five by Five" discount program: when you pay by the 5th of each month, you receive $5 off tuition (limit one 5x5 per month per family, not applicable when enrollment incentive discounts or prorates are applied). (Auto-pay your tuition to make sure you get this without having to remember!) Currently enrolled students are also offered a $25 referral credit for each family referred to SIIS. We also offer a Family Discount of $20/month discount for families enrolling more than one student in full-month, weekly recreational private lessons (not applicable for competition private lessons).  New in Summer 2018: Teacher Appreciation Monthly Discount - $10 off monthly tuition for families with a parent employed as a K+ teacher in a public school (not applicable with enrollment incentives, cannot be combined with other discounts). *Some exclusions apply, see details in studio.

My child's class falls on a day after the 5th of the month. Can I still get the Five By Five discount any time that week?
Sorry, but no - it's the "5x5", not the "5x 6 or 7 or 8". (Also, payment must be received by the 5th, so the check dated the 5th that you leave at the desk on the 8th is ineligible for the discount.) You can make payments at any time via the Parent Portal or in the studio. If you sign up for our secure autopay for tuition, you'll automatically get that discount every single month.

Can I get a statement of my account?
Parents of enrolled students can log into the Parent Portal on our site at any time to view their full account statement - including fees posted and payments made. Statements for unpaid accounts are emailed on the 8th of each month as a courtesy to remind customers that they may be charged a late fee if their account is not paid. (Please make sure your email program accepts email from Check out our unique S2S Parent Portal Visual Tutorial!

My account/bill doesn't look quite right. Who should I talk to?
Email for billing questions. It is imperative that you look not only at any statements you may receive, but log into your account for a complete accounting review. Courtesy statements typically show only unpaid fees.

How much is recital?
Recital and costume fees (per class) are determined annually. Parents are informed as early as possible what these costs are and when they are due. Generally, recital fees range from $50-90/family, and costumes average $50-75 per class. The recital fee allows families to invite as many friends and family as they'd like to attend recital for free.

Does my child have to participate in recital?
Almost all of our classes participate in recital. Unless you are moving after February 1st, students are expected to participate. Our instructors work very hard choreographing pieces for recital, and it is difficult on both instructors and students when a single student does not plan to participate. Recital is a wonderful opportunity for your student to shine!

When and where is recital?
The time and place of recital is announced as soon as possible - via the Parent Portal. Generally, it it held in May or early June.

Do I really need to use the Portal?
YES! Individual and mass messages are posted to the Portal. Links to certain S2S-only information are within the Portal. A full accounting is always available in the Portal. You can add classes, students, make payments, contact us, etc. The Portal is user-friendly and we even created a Tutorial to make it even easier for you to use. Please utilize this tool.

Can my child participate in competition?
Several opportunities for competition are available - solo, duet, small and large groups. Competition fees vary. Auditions for company dance are held usually in May for the next season and there is an informational meeting to discuss the rehearsal and competition schedule as well as the fees for each competition. Choreography begins in the summer session and competition students are expected to take classes in the summer session. Students are responsible for their competition fees, including choreography, costume and travel expenses. Soul II Sole does offer several fundraising opportunities for students to offset some of these expenses. Please let Ms. Kim know if your student is interested in competition and fundraising.

Is class in session on holidays and bad weather?
Soul II Sole generally follows the Bixby Public Schools calendar for holidays and inclement weather. In the event your child's class is cancelled for bad weather, we will make every effort to reschedule the class. Weather cancellations are also posted on our website and Facebook page.

How do I stay informed?
Our home page is frequently updated with current news and announcements. The News and Announcements section of your account in the Parent Portal is also updated with more specific information than provided to the general public. We also post on Facebook and send emails. (To insure you get all the emails we send, make sure your contact information in the Parent Portal is current, and your email application/program is set to allow emails from and

Can I use my student's Epic learning fund to pay for classes?
Yes! S2S has met the state requirements and is the only full service performing arts studio in Bixby/Jenks/Glenpool approved as an Epic Charter School vendor. Epic will approve payment from a student's learning fund for class tuition on a monthly basis. Epic Learning Fund will cover tuition only; enrollment, any other fees, and any unapproved tuition is solely the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Please contact our billing manager for more information on how that works.

I am having trouble logging in. Help!
Please visit the Portal Tutorial and review the lower part of the page. If the instructions there do not resolve your problem, please contact us for further assistance.